We had such a nice time visiting Zion on Monday, and it was so hot in the valley, that we decided we’d return to the park on Wednesday (and Thursday, too). Another option was Sand Hollow State Park, but the other cousins were going to go cliff-jumping and we didn’t think that would be an appropriate activity for pre-schoolers. Besides that, Sand Hollow didn’t have any shade; Zion did. So, off we went to explore the Emerald Pools.

Waiting for the shuttle.
The beginning of the hike.
The traditional “Dad’s reading the sign” shot.
The trail skirts above Lower Emerald Pool, through the mist falling from above.

On our way to Middle pool we met up with some more cousins!
Brooke hiked the entire way up all by herself!
Resting at Upper Emerald Pool.
Upper Emerald Pool in 1990 – although I don’t think that’s one of our boys.
Group One started their return as Brooke finished the final piece.
Then it was time for the rest of us to take the hike down, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Wayne decided to take a different fork and we discovered the “old” Middle Pool, but the trail beyond was closed so we turned around.
This is what it looked like 25 years ago, before the “no swimming” signs were posted.
The bridge over the Virgin River marks the end of the Emerald Pool Trail. It’s a great place to take a water break or read a book.