While in St. George, we took three trips to Zion National Park. It was the 25 year anniversary of our “official” visit (see here) and it was great being able to recall those fond memories and create new ones. The two biggest differences, besides being 25 years older, were that this year we didn’t camp in the park itself (so had an hour commute each way each day) and we had to take the Zion shuttle to go into the canyon. We decided that there are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios.

Anyway, to start with we wanted to do something that everyone could do, so we picked the “Riverside Walk” or the trail at the end of the road that goes to the Narrows. This is definitely something that anyone can do (you could even push a stroller or wheelchair along the trail) and we had a great time. Michelle did a great job as photographer (see here), but I had my camera along as well.

Sending relatives off on another hike; riding the shuttle to the end of the road.
Sam got a stroller ride.
Guess who Megan saw hundreds of miles from home? Her home teacher/neighbor was on the trail that day!
Relaxing at the end of the trail.
Examining the park map (the one on the bottom right was not taken at the Narrows!)
Playing in the river and taking pictures
It really was nice to let the next generation take care of the little kids! Thanks, Megan and Weston for being awesome parents!!

Michelle’s work
Wyatt was a bit wet for the return walk.
We made it back to the shuttle stop!

The Narrows:
Then and Now
And a couple more pictures from our hike in 1990:
“Hanging Gardens”
along the Virgin River