Our field trip to Springton Manor Farm was a great success. Because it’s close without any entrance fee, there wasn’t the pressure to try do everything at once in order to “get our money’s worth.” This time the goal was to check out the Great Barn and find a spot to have a picnic. We met our goal and had a great time. Some day hopefully we can go back to show Daddy and Momma the animals, and maybe check out the Manor House. Then we can go back another day (or two or three) to hike the various trails with Grandpa!

Here’s the trail map so I don’t have to find it again: Map of Springton Manor Farm

The first order of business was to double-check that we were on the right path to get to the Great Barn.

We were!

It is a great, big barn, and has been around for a long, long time.

Inside there were pigs, bunnies, horses and a goat.

There were also a series of “stamps stations” so the kids could mark off the squares on their “passport” paper.

Outside there were more goats and sheep.

We also walked around some of the other farm buildings. This one was called the corn crib, so I was a bit surprised to find garlic drying inside and not corn. I guess it’s not quite corn season yet.

The boys thought this front porch would make a great picnic spot, but I convinced them it was still a bit too early to eat, and we continued on our way.
We checked out the vegetable garden and the chicken shed.

And then looked for the trail to the pond. The Penn Oak Trail looked promising.

We reached our destination, and of course had to find some rocks to throw into the water.

Time for lunch!

Here’s one of the giant oak trees for which the trail was named. Magnificent!
These boys are pretty magnificent themselves.

Just before getting back in the car we had to stop for another round of “king of the mountain” and I’m sure that will be a favorite activity on a return trip. There are definitely plenty of rocks around to climb. I’m glad that I’m not the farmer having to work around them.