Time for some catching up! Spring break started with Easter this year, and although we scaled back our celebrating, there were a couple of traditions that couldn’t be omitted – hunting for Easter baskets and creamed eggs for breakfast.Then it was time for some no-school fun!

Michelle enjoyed the week at girl’s camp. Apparently being a YCL (youth camp leader) is a lot of fun, and even allows time to take a shower every day (something that didn’t fit into her schedule last year). I’m sure they did a lot more than decorate a cake, but these are the only pictures I have, and it is a beautiful cake. (The theme was the Old Testament and they chose to make a Garden of Eden.)While she kept busy doing camp activities, Steven and I spent the week with Wayne and painted, and painted, and painted. There’s still more to do, but we’re pleased with our progress and think it looks a lot better – no more dark brown wall or messy gold paint job. The new carpet’s going in next week. We figured we should take advantage of not having to be so neat and particular and paint baseboards before that happened. That was our goal for spring break, but that part actually went fairly quickly and so we did a couple of the bedrooms as well. I didn’t feel like posting individual pictures, but there’s an after and before of one room in the top right corner, and a before, during, and after of another in the bottom left.

We even got to see a beautiful sunset on the way back home. The past few years we’ve gone hiking over spring break. Wayne didn’t have the vacation time to do that this year. I wonder which is better – hiking or painting? I guess both of them could be considered breaks from the normal routine, and both of them give you a sense of accomplishment. I suspect, though, that if the vacation time is available, hiking will win next year. Besides, all the painting should be done by then!