Happy Mother’s Day!

This year we’re honoring the latest mother-to-be in our family; our baby girl is all grown up and expecting a baby herself in a couple of weeks. It may be a while before we get to meet our newest bundle of joy, but we were able to help celebrate his or her arrival through a virtual baby shower. Thanks, Amy, for organizing it. It was a lot of fun and turned out wonderfully.

Everyone connected into a Zoom conference, and although there wasn’t quite the chatter an in-person setting provides, everyone still had a chance to speak and get to know one another better. I know I learned new things, like Mommy was bigger at birth and Daddy knew they were having a baby first. In your family, who teaches dancing and who teaches sports?

This game was adapted for Zoom by using the “thumbs up or down” method as each statement was read. That seemed to work a bit better than the “test” method of writing down answers first and then going over them individually afterwards.

Our last game was coming up with a baby object for each letter of the alphabet. I struggled to come up with ten in the couple of minutes we were given; I guess it’s been a while since I’ve had a baby. However, our winner had over 20. That’s impressive!

After the fun and games, it was time to share wisdom and advice. I loved the thoughtful love and concern expressed. What would you add to the list?

  • It’s okay to feel overwhelmed.
  • Trust your mom gut.
  • Put kids to bed early.
  • Let people spoil you.
  • Have self-compassion. Make a “worst case scenario” plan ahead of time. Remember angels are near.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Follow your instincts.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. Make sure your own needs are met.
  • Motherhood is dynamic. It’s okay to not like teething or tantrums. Colicky babies are okay. Wait a while and they’ll change. Cherish the good things.
  • A child needs a mother more than all the things money can buy.
  • Kids are transient. Eventually they’ll grow up and leave home.
  • Talk with your children. Be there when they come home from school.
  • Have a flexible routine.
  • Just hang in there and love them.

It wouldn’t be a party without gifts, and there were a few to open. I was grateful I was able to do some sewing and send off a package even before I knew there would be a shower, and even more grateful that it arrived safely!

Plus one additional game – Guess how old baby Michelle was in each of these photos.

Because this party was held over the air waves (or through cables), we each had to provide our own refreshments. However, if we’d all been in the same place, this delicious chocolate cake would have been the centerpiece of the goodie table.