One of the things I’ve enjoyed lately is actually using the sewing machine.  Believe it or not, now that she’s a senior in high school I’m finally getting to some of those “things to do when Michelle’s in school” projects from the list I compiled before she started kindergarten.  Of course motivation also came from having a precious new baby join the family!  So, after making the mending pile vanish, it was time for some fun.
For Relief Society a couple of years ago, we had a service project of making layette gowns to send to the Humanitarian Center.   Since I wanted a sample to show the sisters, I decided to make one myself for our first grandchild.  (Here’s where I found the pattern.)  And thus started a new tradition  The little hat pattern was created by my friend on the committee, who figured it out by taking apart a purchased one.  It’s basically two oblongs sewn together (with a couple of little darts) and folded ingeniously.
Michelle has a tradition of making a blanket for her new nieces and nephews out of “ultra cuddle” fleece. This time around she decided to try a different edging, which we found here. You can follow the tutorial yourself if you want, but basically you cut 2″ deep, 1″ wide strips around the edge (the tip for using tape and marking it every inch was a great one). Then you cut a teeny slit in the center of each strip, and carefully thread them through each other (until the very last one which you cut in half and knot).

While she was working on that, I used the leftover fabric from the new skirt Michelle wanted to try out a baby dress pattern I had in the closet.  It says “small” but I suspect Miss Brooke will be close to two years old before she fits in it!  Michelle’s looking forward to getting a “matching” picture taken some day!!

It’s possible to sew things for bigger kids as well.  Adapting Cocoa’s tutorial I made this little gift/tote bag using some of our “fabric to keep until you find something to do with it” box.  I’m looking forward to doing more projects to empty that box!