I ran out of photo room on Blogger, so I’m a bit behind with posting.  However, I tried a “work around” so you can see what we’ve been up to lately.  I guess I should just bite the bullet and pay the $5!  Anyway, here you go –
Earlier this month Michelle was honored at the “34th Annual Palm Beach County Scholastic Achievement Dinner” for being in the top 1% of her graduating class.  It was a good excuse to get out the camera.

Notice the new shoes that actually fit, so she can walk in them without tripping!   They arrived in time to have a trial run before prom.
The banquet was held at The Breakers; here’s the drive up to the hotel.
She didn’t want to deal with parking herself or using the valet service, so I dropped her off and then picked up Wayne at work.
While she was busy (parents weren’t invited), we took advantage of the opportunity to go out to dinner ourselves in downtown West Palm Beach.  We were by far the youngest diners at the restaurant, maybe because it was a weeknight, but comparing yourself to octogenarians is one way to feel young!  
Only one of the students is planning to attend Brigham Young University, and only one is majoring in Industrial Design.  Guess who?  Being unique is a good thing!

We know it was difficult changing schools just before your senior year.  We’re glad you were able to be a good influence here as well.  We’re proud of you.  Congratulations Princess!!!