Saturday # 1 – chores (included installing a new truck stereo – belated Christmas gift), then picnic, then youth fundraiser (dinner and silent auction – we skipped the golf tournament part)

Saturday #2 – install leather steering wheel cover (another Christmas present), then visit the International Art Fair and decide we have no desire to buy a painting that costs more than our house

outside the convention center – no cameras allowed inside the art exhibit

Saturday #3 – normal chores (Michelle’s wrists are too weak to mow the lawn, isn’t that sad?), picnic at the park, sew a skirt for Michelle, then watch a movie at home

Bonus President’s Day holiday – explore the visitor’s center and nature trail at the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge while Michelle attends the county National History Day wearing her new skirt

Saturday #4 –  help with Eagle service project (reminder of Brad’s – lots of paint and teenage boys), attend convert baptism, dinner (yummy Dutch oven casserole) with friends (who we can count as extended family because Justin’s sister married Wayne’s second cousin)