Works for Me Wednesday/Rudolph Day
Keeping track of Christmas decorations

You get a two-for-one post today! It’s the 25th, which is a good excuse to do something to prepare for Christmas 2011. Since we’re gearing up to clean out the attic and go through our storage boxes, I figured I’d share how we keep those organized. Our system is a compilation of several different ideas I’ve heard over the years, and I’d like to give credit to those author/creators, but I can’t remember who they all are. Just know that this isn’t an original idea.

(sorry for the blurry picture)

Basically, I label each of our holiday storage boxes with a number. I then make a 3×5 card for each box or bin where I’ve listed the contents. This is done in pencil so it’s easy to erase when something is thrown out or changes boxes. Then those cards are filed behind “December” in my file box. When a “Christmas in July” activity comes around, and I want to share a particular nativity, or I want to pull out the wrapping paper in November, or I want white lights to help decorate for a wedding, I don’t have to go through every single box; I just scan the cards in the file and know exactly which box to find. Of course, that’s still an adventure, but at least it’s an easier, less time-consuming one. And that Works for Me! Have fun seeing what works for others over at We are THAT Family!