I guess before I can start planning Christmas 2011, I need to finish wrapping up Christmas 2010! One of the extended family traditions is to forego presents and spend time together on a cruise every few years. It’s a great tradition! However, this time our vacation was stuck between house-hunting trips so I never got around to posting the pictures. Now we’re in the middle of the actual move, but thanks to Blogger’s scheduling feature, you can still have a Rudolph Day post. We’ve discovered that a cruise truly is a vacation – no cooking, no cleaning, no interruptions, lots of reading and relaxing. I highly recommend it. And the scenery is gorgeous, a beautiful reminder of the wonderful world created just for us.

This time we stopped at Puerto Vallarta where we strolled along the beach/promenade and enjoyed looking at the variety of sculptures.

In Cabo San Lucas we took a water taxi to”the end of the world” and admired the beautiful rock formations while relaxing on the beach.

Don’t forget the food! As usual, it was gorgeous and delicious, giving us the temptation to eat way too much. We tried to be sensible, but still had to increase the exercise time once we got home!
Of course the best part of the trip was spending time with family, and particularly my wonderful husband. Fortunately, you don’t have to travel to exotic places for that to happen. I can enjoy the wonder and message of Christmas year-round in my own home. I hope you do too. Happy Rudolph Day!!