One of the tasks for the House and Holiday Plan for the month of September (week 3 to be exact) is to make the Christmas Card List. I like the one they suggest because it has check boxes for both sending and receiving, and it can be used for several years.
If you don’t like that one, though, there are a plethora of other options. Just check Google.
I actually use something even more different. I created our address list on an Excel spreadsheet many years ago. Each year I copy that to a new file, editing it for address changes and new friends, then I print it out. After using it to address the cards we want to send, I keep it in my planner to help keep track of the cards we receive. Finally, it gets filed in the Christmas Binder as a resource for the next year. (It has also come in very handy at wedding invitation time!)
So, that’s what works for us. What works for you?
I love the tradition of sending Christmas cards, even if it might seem to be a bit old-fashioned, so I plan on keeping it around as part of our Christmas celebrating. I think letting friends and family members know you’re thinking of them is the perfect way to share the love and joy of the Christmas season!