Shortly after St. Patrick’s Day I had the opportunity to spend some time with our newest grandchild, leaving Wayne home alone with the leftover corned beef. I had planned on freezing some sandwiches for him for lunches, and he suggested making some Reuben sandwiches. That’s something we’ve never had, because I was pretty sure they included sauerkraut and rye bread, two ingredients that I don’t particularly care for. However, since I wasn’t going to be eating them, I looked up the recipe and prepared some.

Basically I took two slices of bread, buttered one side each, placed corned beef and Swiss cheese inside, wrapped them individually and froze them. Then when he was ready to eat them, Wayne flipped the buttered sides to the outside, added sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing, and grilled them in the frying pan.

Coincidentally, when I went out to lunch with Weston¬†and his family, he chose a Reuben Sandwich. There was one still in the freezer when I returned home, so I decided that if two of my favorite WOWs liked them, I should at least try one. It wasn’t too bad – not my favorite, but I could eat one again in the future. And now you know how to make one for yourself!