It looks like I’m a few years behind in recording our Mother’s Day celebrations! Oops, but isn’t it great that pictures can help us remember?
Once again Wayne was in charge of the gift from the ward, and once again he enlisted help from the young men to fill the boxes with candy. It really does go quickly, although I still have fond memories of the time I did it with two of my good friends who volunteered to help.
My children give such thoughtful gifts. Along with the little plaque were messages stating why our home felt like paradise to them, so touching. And even though they were scattered around the globe, thanks to modern technology we still got to visit with each other.
Our visiting included our very last missionary phone call, all the way from Angola!

And the daughter at home took over kitchen duties (with help from her dad). Thanks, Michelle!

This year Wayne enlisted the help of the Primary girls to decorate the boxes before having the young men fill them. That idea was quite a hit. And our wonderful children had another brilliant gift idea.

For Mother’s Day last year, we had a surprise visit from Jeff and Alicia. It was a total surprise to me, and a bit disconcerting when they just walked into the house during our Friday night movie! They had arranged everything with Wayne, so he wasn’t surprised, and we had a great weekend together, which included an airboat tour in the Everglades, lunch at the Green Market diner in Palm Beach, helping someone move, and chores around the house before relaxing with the latest James Bond movie.

This year’s flowers included beautiful red roses that lasted a week and a gorgeous paper flower that is still adorning the bookshelf. I love that flowers help me remember the love my family has for me, and for each other.

This year I’m not expecting any surprise visits. (I guess they wouldn’t be a surprise if I was expecting them!) Jeff and Alicia get to celebrate their very first Mother’s Day as parents, and they definitely should do that at their own home. Grandchild #11 is due on Sunday so I doubt the next closest family will be traveling; maybe he’ll make an appearance on Mother’s Day! Even if it’s just the two of us at home, I know I’ll have a wonderful day. And I also know that it will include a couple pieces of chocolate, because once again the Primary girls and Young Men decorated and filled little white boxes!
I hope all of you enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day this weekend!