Brad woke me up at 12:24 AM on the morning of his 8th birthday, just to inform me that the momentous occasion had arrived. It was really cute, and I was glad he was so super excited, but I sent him back to bed. Later that day we had a family birthday party with cake and presents, and then the next Friday we had a dinosaur-themed sleepover birthday party with his friends. We had fun celebrating his birthday, and then a few weeks later we had fun celebrating his baptism.

Unlike his older brother, Brad did record something in the “what I remember about my baptism” section of the little booklet he received. He wrote, “The water was warm when my dad dunked me. I sat in the front row. I wore white clothes. I saw four of my friends there, including Nathan Hadlock. I was super excited and jumped up and down in the water.” I’ll always remember his squeal of excitement and joy. I’ll also always remember the marvelous, touching job that David and Weston, along with their friends David and Danny Farnworth, did on one of the musical numbers. (Their brother, Eric, was also baptized that day.)

They were confirmed the next day. I recorded in my journal that Brad had talked about bearing his testimony after he got the Holy Ghost, and as soon as he figured out it was testimony-bearing time, he made a beeline to the pulpit and was finished before Brother Firmage could move the microphone down. It was precious. (As a side note, our good friends, the Hurds, blessed their twin baby boys during the same meeting.)

We appreciated the grandparents who came to support Brad on his special day, and the love, prayers, and thoughts of those who weren’t able to travel as well.

In his scrapbook file, I found a couple of worksheets Brad filled out as he prepared for his baptism. I’ve typed them up, so leave a message if you want an unmarked copy. We’re grateful that he worked so hard to be ready for his baptism, and even more grateful that he’s continuing to honor and keep the covenants he made then.