It’s Great to be Eight!
More years than not, the birthday party activity was creating graham cracker houses!

David has a December birthday. The stake youth baptism date after he turned 8 was January 2nd, during the year of “the big snow” in Utah. I remember being concerned that our car would be able to navigate the slippery roads, and I distinctly remember going the long way around in order to avoid an especially steep hill. We made it, though, and David is our only child wearing a coat in his “official” baptism picture.

The stake Primary presidency presented each child getting baptized with a little booklet. David did a pretty good job at filling it out, although he left the “How I feel about my baptism and confirmation” section blank. I wonder how he would fill that out today? He did, however, note that a special thing he did on his baptism day was “I had minne [mini] pizzas for dinner.”

I was asked to give the “talk on the Holy Ghost” at the baptism and I remember sharing my experience with receiving inspiration to keep a promise on a high school choir trip in Hawaii. Someday that memory will be added to the blog. (Here it is!) He was confirmed the next day in sacrament meeting and we were grateful that both sets of grandparents were able to join us for this special weekend.
At the time, turning 8 also meant starting Cub Scouts. I think David looks pretty spiffy in his brand-new uniform!
A snowy day that January. It took a lot of effort – although David has a knack for making work fun and enjoyable – to keep our driveway cleared. Wayne would shovel the driveway, and Weston and David were supposed to move the piles he created further onto the lawn so he wouldn’t have to lift snow so far.

Finally, here’s an activity done at school that gives us a glimpse into eight-year-old David’s life. I’m very appreciative that the thing he didn’t like was fighting with his brothers. Have his favorites stayed the same or changed over the years?

Since it took until just before his oldest child’s baptism for me to create Weston’s baptism post, I thought about saving David’s for this summer when his oldest child is baptized. However, this week for our family scripture study, baptism is one of the areas of focus, and this is a way for me to ponder the subject. Depending upon how the rest of the day/week goes, there may even be another post before next summer.
Hooray for old scrapbook files, and hooray for special days!