It’s time to finish up this series and remember our precious daughter’s baptism. As you know, turning 8 is a big deal. Michelle wanted to be sure we celebrated properly and started planning her birthday party months in advance.

We substituted swimming in the backyard for ice skating at the rink and watching a movie at home (along with some sort of face painting) instead of going to the theater, but it looks like everything else she planned came to fruition. That’s one of her great talents.


Her actual birthday was on a school day (note the stylish uniform) and we celebrated again with the family. Jeff and Steven were grateful she finally received her own bike, so she would stop asking to borrow theirs.


At this time in our lives we were dealing with the hustle and bustle of a large active family. School and seminary, business trips and letters to our missionary, car repairs and home improvement projects. My journal entries were few and far between! However, I did note that I made the time to sew two simple dresses for Michelle (one for the baptism and another for the confirmation, just like I had) and the saved program reminds us that she shared her baptism with a teen-aged convert.



Let’s include her answers to the Primary spotlight questionnaire compiled around this time, and also her poem, even though it was written a year later.

I’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane, and hope you have as well. We’re so proud of all of our children for making the decision to be baptized, and are even more grateful that they’re continuing along the covenant path, which we know is the only way to have true happiness and joy. We appreciate your examples!