Our oldest grandson is getting baptized this weekend. In honor of that special day, I thought I’d share some memories of his dad’s baptism. That was before the days of blogging, when scrapbooks were used to record momentous occasions. Surprisingly, this day DID make it into a scrapbook. That makes creating this post so much easier!



We might as well get a feel for what else was happening around his baptism day. We purchased our first home and were moving the month he turned 8. Fortunately, it was just a few miles away from our apartment. We had the birthday party at our new house, but the baptism was held in our old ward. I think maybe Wyatt can relate to those circumstances!




The empty spot on that orange page is waiting for a copy of this family picture. Weston’s baptism was on a Saturday afternoon in Riverdale. That morning his dad graduated with his M.B.A. from Utah State University in Logan. After the baptism we had a three-in-one party in South Weber in celebration of our momentous day – graduation, baptism, house warming. We’ve had other days like that;* it’s just what you do when the grandparents don’t live nearby. What fun memories!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this snapshot of Weston as a young boy. We’re proud of the man he’s become, and look forward to Wyatt following in his footsteps!

*Off the top of my head I remember Steven’s baptism was on the same day as Weston’s Eagle Court of Honor. Brad’s Eagle Court of Honor was the day before Weston gave his missionary homecoming talk and David gave his missionary farewell talk (same sacrament meeting). We combined Wyatt’s baby blessing trip with Brad’s wedding and a camping vacation. Just this spring David’s graduation and Adeline’s baby blessing were the same weekend. The tradition continues!