My cousin Harlene tagged me! And I don’t mind, because, just like her, I love wasting my time reading random facts on the internet. If I know the person, it’s more interesting, but that doesn’t stop me from reading stranger’s blogs either. So, here are six things you may or may not know about me:
1) I knew before they were born (from their ultrasounds) that babies 3, 4 and 5 were boys. We didn’t think we wanted to know, but the technician kind of blurted it to me about the time I was saying “don’t tell”. It was my little secret, and I kept it for years. (Ultrasounds weren’t normal procedure for the first two babies, and our daughter didn’t cooperate during hers!)
2) I’ve hiked to the top of the Huanya Picchu (the mountain behind Machu Picchu). According to Wayne, and the hiker we met at the top, it’s the second most breath-taking hike in the world. The first is Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. I stayed in camp with the toddlers when Wayne took that hike.
3) I’ve visited the Louisa May Alcott home in Massachusetts, and read most, if not all, of her books as a teenager.
4) I took ballet lessons when I was in kindergarten. Then I took a semester of ballet in college. I discovered it’s a good thing my parents switched me to piano lessons.
5) Because of the piano lessons, my first calling in the church was Junior Sunday School Pianist, at age 10. They don’t even have Jr. Sunday School anymore. I guess that means I’m getting old (but I don’t feel old).
6) I lived in Hollister, California. In fact, that’s where I graduated from high school. We were the “Haybalers” (which rivals my husband’s high school mascot of “Totem Poles” for weirdness). I crack up inside whenever I see kids wearing “Hollister” shirts. The town is an hour from the closest beach, we didn’t consider ourselves “southern” CA at all, and it was definitely NOT a cool place to live.

Now I guess I’ll tag Weston and Megan, because they obviously need a little push to add something to their blog! And whoever else who reads this and hasn’t been tagged, feel free to share some randomness about you as well.