I was tagged a while ago, by two different people, and now that things have calmed down a bit, I’m finally getting around to answering the request. So, here are some of my random “quirkies” (as Michelle decided they should be called).

Can’t find a picture of the both of us at that time, but here’s one of a Primary-aged Weston!

1. I prefer my own cooking over restaurants. Once Weston and I participated in a Primary “How well do you know your mother” activity. When he was asked what my favorite restaurant was he answered “She doesn’t have one.” They made him pick one anyway, and he chose Red Lobster since that’s where Wayne had taken me the night before for our date. When it was my turn to answer, I also said, “I don’t have one.” Then I had to pick one anyway and went with Red Lobster for the same reason. So, we got that question right either way!

2. I often have “reject eggs” for breakfast. My kids like easy-over eggs, but only has a vehicle for dipping their toast in the yolk. I couldn’t stand throwing out all the egg whites, so I started sprinkling a bit of cheese over their leftovers, zapping it for a few seconds, and eating it myself. That way I don’t get all the fat from the egg yolk and I don’t have the guilt of all the starving children in Africa hanging over my head.

3. I don’t like reading a novel unless I can finish it in one sitting. Yet I like reading, so I often arrange my time so that this can happen.

4. I plan my driving routes to avoid left turns without a signal. That means the bank is always the last stop, and never the first, while the cleaners is opposite.

5. I don’t like anyone to touch my feet, and I always wear socks. Since living in Florida I’ve tried to wear sandals or flip flops more often, but it still feels weird.
6. I must have a scissors fetish – they’re all over the house. There are scissors in the kitchen (and I keep telling myself I need another pair closer to the fridge), by the outside door (to open chlorine bags for the pool), each of the kids’ desks, each of my desks, the garage workbench, two in the laundry room (one with the hair clippers and one with the gift wrapping supplies) and even in my bathroom (for clipping stray bangs and clothing tags).
7. I don’t mind hidden messes, but I like my counters and floors to be empty. (Doesn’t always happen, but that’s my preference!) When I send my children to clean their rooms, the standard is “vacuum ready”. That means the bed is made, there’s nothing on the floor, and the closet door is closed. Then every year or two (or seven!) we try to tackle the hidden clutter. Guess what one of my goals for 2009 is!!

The instructions said to tag seven random people, so if your name is Orson, Scott, Michael, Bryan, Todd, Kay, or Whit – you’re tagged!!