Just like Megan, I have way too many pictures that need organizing, but there was a little bit of time today to at least upload some of them, so now you can all have a taste of our quick weekend trip to Virginia.
First on the agenda was replacing a kitchen table, with one that would fit a wheelchair. The new “counter top” tables are perfect for that, and a nice bonus was swivel chairs for those that don’t need wheelchairs! It’s perfect for both game playing and eating breakfast.
Next was a trip to the local flea market. Michelle and Nicole had fun looking at all the fun trinkets, and we had fun watching them. They even each found something they wanted, and got a special surprise for Aunt Holly as well.
The purpose of our quick trip was to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, so we did that by going out to dinner. Any place that decorates the plates, and stands the cake on end, is “fancy” and we had a wonderful time, although we did miss the brothers and sisters (and grandchildren) who lived too far away come. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Thanks for being a wonderful example to all of us. (And thank you, Louise, for being a terrific hostess!)
Finally, just for fun, we hit the milestone of 55,555.5 miles on the truck on the way home! (The brothers may be wondering why we didn’t take the car. It hasn’t reached 1,000 miles yet, so is not ready for extended freeway driving. Hopefully it will be by Thanksgiving, because that truck is NOT comfortable when you’re sitting in it for 13 hours!)
We hope your Labor Day weekend was as much fun as ours was!