Lately we’ve been trying to make some progress on the never-ending “to do” list. Here are just a couple of projects we’ve finally completed.

Michelle got her laptop for college.  To say she’s excited would be an understatement.  After spending hours (online and in stores) trying to find a case for it, and not liking the $85 price tag on the only one that looked appealing, we turned to the internet and our scrap box. Here was the result.

Not too bad, huh? And as she put it, the price was certainly right – zero!  Here’s the tutorial we used just in case you want to make one yourself: Simple Laptop Sleeve. (Oops! It looks like that site might no longer be working. Give this one a try.)

While I was in a sewing mood (and after conquering the mending pile!), I finally pulled out the fabric for a simple valance for our computer room.  And then Jeff was kind enough to help hang the rod.  A couple of weeks ago, Michelle finished covering the boxes for me, so slowly this room is looking nicer.  There’s still a lot to do (for example, the lavender chest is totally the wrong color now), but we’re going to be happy with baby steps!

What do you do to help motivate you to finish the projects you start??  I’m always open to new suggestions!