The very first thing I noticed about this house, while waiting for our realtor to unlock the door, was the broken/missing brick at the front door threshold. So, it’s been bugging me for almost a year. However, once we actually owned the house, there were other things that needed attention and the broken brick wasn’t a top priority. When it finally made it to the top of the list, I figured it would be a fairly easy repair – take out the old one and put in a new one. That’s actually all it really needed. However, FINDING a replacement one was a hard work. Apparently thin brick pavers aren’t a highly sought-after commodity. We couldn’t even find an internet source.

The problem was finally solved when we attended a home show at the fairgrounds and a landscape architect there mentioned a supplier in Pompano Beach. So, after a few phone calls, a drive of an hour each way, and $30, we had our two replacement bricks. (Well, actually, we had 30 replacement bricks, because the minimum order was $30 and they only cost a dollar each.) Since we had to choose from their “loose” piles, the colors weren’t perfect, but that’s okay. It looks 100% better, don’t you think?

During:After:Since the brick project didn’t take all day, there was time for a picnic at the park –
as well as time to go shopping for our bedroom ceiling fan. We even got someone else to install it. (Amazing! but it was included in the price). We probably won’t be using it too much until next summer, but now at least we’re prepared for the hot weather to return.

So, we got several things checked off the to-do list on Saturday, and that’s always a great feeling.