Works for Me Wednesday
Preparing in Advance
It’s hard to believe we’ve been “moved” for three months now. One room that hasn’t received a lot of attention was the computer room. Here’s what it looked like on moving day:

In the weeks since then, it’s been kind of a catch-all room and the boxes were just getting piled higher and higher. I realized on Sunday that it would NOT be a very peaceful room to sit in for 8 hours watching conference next weekend, so my goal this week was to make it feel more serene.
I still have some more things to do, but at least now we don’t have to walk around a maze of boxes and the three of us will be able to sit comfortably while we watch conference on the computer. (Next time we hope to be able to get it in our family room with the really comfortable chairs!)
While making our physical space ready is important, even more important is preparing our minds and hearts to receive God’s word. We’re doing that through our individual and family prayers and study. A good place to start is President Uchtdorf’s message here. We’ll always be grateful to a home teacher who shared basically the same message years ago; it’s really helped conference be more meaningful. We love general conference and I’m grateful our children do too.
We’ll be content with just some note paper and M&M’s, but if your kids aren’t quite at that point yet, there are a LOT of ideas around to help make this weekend more enjoyable for you and them. My favorite is my cousin’s “conference boats” but here are a few more:

Stephanie’s ideas – with links to conference packets
Being LDS link party
Preparing in advance, which includes helping your family get excited about something important – whether a meeting or an anniversary or the first day of school or whatever – works for me.