I just enjoyed a delicious creamy tomato basil soup for lunch, and realized it didn’t start out as soup originally, so wanted to document another “food chain” in case someone else is trying to figure out what to do with some languishing pizza sauce. (Don’t you just love my run-on sentence?)

A couple of weeks ago we felt like having pizza for dinner. I knew there was some pizza dough in the freezer and decided it would be good to use that up. (Note to self – don’t freeze uncooked dough in the future; it may work for others, but we don’t care for it.) Rather than open a jar of pizza sauce, I decided to make a new batch, using our favorite recipe.

Unfortunately, when you’re cooking for two, most of the time there seem to be leftovers. Half the sauce remained, along with a couple slices of pizza. The pizza made a good lunch the next day, and the sauce made its way into a “pink sauce” for dinner a few days later.

However, I only cooked enough quinoa for a couple of servings, which meant there was still more “Pink Sauce with Shrimp” to stick back in the refrigerator. Today, I thinned that down with a bit of milk and turned it into my delicious soup.

Maybe some day I’ll start the food chain with the soup. I wonder where that would lead?