Happy November!

I wanted to share some ideas for quick and easy Thanksgiving table decorations and favors, and since the month is flying by rapidly, I better get to it! At first I thought I’d do a little tutorial on how to make M&M Turkeys, but I already did that ten years ago. A few years after that I shared some more ideas. That post contains more flops than successes, but since we learn from our failures, it’s still valuable. However, this Pineapple Turkey can definitely be considered a success.

We used some scrap felt to create a little turkey head, which is placed on a pineapple to create your centerpiece. I even created a little pattern for you, on a 1″ grid.

You’ll need two of each piece, head – brown, wattle – red, beak – yellow, and eye – white. Sew the head pieces together along the dotted lines. Turn so the seam is inside, then glue on the wattle, then beak, then eyes. We used a bit of paint for the eyeball, but you could also glue on a “googly” eye if you wanted. Put on a pineapple and you are finished.