I know I just did one of these posts, but when I read this – 

Welcome to the 2nd Annual “A Day in the Life of . . .” photography project!  The concept is simple, but the results are awesome.  Take one picture every hour, for one day, and a unique hour by hour snapshot of your day is created.  I hope you enjoy my pictures and I look forward to seeing yours! 

 – I was intrigued with the idea of chronicling a day hour by hour.  My last post wasn’t like that.  It basically outlined our entire day; this one just gives you a glimpse each hour.  I found the difference between the two quite interesting.  And, of course, it’s always fun to find a new blog, try something new, and make new friends.  I love to see how our lives are so different, and yet so similar.  Don’t forget to check them out for yourself – over at Simply Rebekah’s website.  You can still add your own post for another week or so!

Snapshots of my Day
(Wednesday, February 8th, 2012)
5:30 AM – preparing lunches
6:30 AM – researching travel arrangements
7:30 AM – washing dishes (and enjoying my gorgeous view, even if it was a cloudy day)
8:30 AM – taking a walk in the neighborhood
9:30 AM – reading the scriptures
10:30 AM – purchasing tickets for our Saturday date
11:30 AM – counting money and reconciling the budget
12:30 PM – leaving the grocery store parking lot
1:30 PM – unloading the car
2:30 PM – crocheting while taking a TV break
3:30 PM – working on family history/genealogy
4:30 PM – fixing a snack for my daughter
5:30 PM – preparing dinner
6:30 PM – enjoying dinner with my family (sorry, no picture)
7:30 PM – driving with my husband (quick visit to a friend)
8:30 PM – dishes time again
And by 9:30 I was sleeping.
While I don’t know that any one day is really typical of my life, it is interesting to note that there are certain routines that follow a predictable pattern.  Every day we eat.  Almost every day we wash the resulting dishes.  Every day we read pray and read scriptures.  Almost every day we get some physical exercise.  Every day we deal with paper and inside chores.  Almost every day we have outside errands.  Every day we enjoy each other’s company and appreciate being a family.  Life is good.