One evening we decided to take advantage of “Mormon Night” at the natural history museum in Philadelphia and drove into the city. It should have taken about an hour, but for some reason Siri navigated us there using side roads. Driving by old homes and businesses was actually fascinating and I loved the sense of history I felt. Besides, it didn’t take too much longer, and we weren’t in any hurry anyway. After getting the kids settled in the stroller, we were off on our adventure!
The museum is within walking distance of the Philadelphia Temple, so organized tours were part of the night’s activities. It was still a little light when we first saw the temple, but it got dark quickly.

More proof that I’m not a very good photographer, but also proof that we were there. Besides, I kind of like the shadowy blotches of light.

Then it was back to the museum for more exploring.
All in all, it was a quite enjoyable evening. Thank you for the fun trip!