Pinterest is a great site, and I regularly find things that I want to save and try again some day. This year I actually tried some of the 4th of July crafts and activities I’ve pinned over the years and it really was a lot of fun. Here’s the round-up!

Patriotic Pinwheels – In addition to hair clips, this made a great little applique for a onesie. Since part of the object was to reduce the stash of fabric and craft supplies, instead of buying wooden stars, I used star-shaped pony beads for the center. Of course, these can always be made out of paper and attached to a straw or dowel. Then you’ll have something to play with or wave in a parade.

Straw Rockets – Can you see the supplies (blue straws)  in the middle of the pile? Basically you just make a little paper tube (decorate like a rocket if you wish), stick it on the straw, and then blow! Isn’t that simple?

Sparkle Bottles – If you don’t add water, then they’re sparkle rattles.

Ribbon Wands – I remember making some of these several years ago, with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Just tie some ribbon to a ring (these were shower curtain rings) or to an eye hook on the end of a dowel. Then put on some music and dance!

Ring Toss – The idea was to throw rings made of glow sticks over little flags stuck in the ground, but we just played with each item separately and still had a grand time.

It took a while to complete the project (which is why it wasn’t included in this post), but go here if you want to see what the bias tape on the top of the pile turned into.