I won’t post all 200+ pictures, but we did have a great week. And this time, it was actually a “vacation” and not just a “change of scenery.” I guess things DO change as the kids grow up!

First, I was told to sit in a chair and read while camp was set up.

Then, we all worked together to do the cooking and cleaning.

We also had time to relax with some card games. We heard the story of why Wayne knows how to play poker, but decided the rest of us didn’t need to learn that skill! Instead, we taught the kids how to play Rook, in honor of Great-grandmother Beckstrand.
If you’ve ever wondered why these mountains are so green, it’s because it rains a lot! However, for the most part we stayed pretty dry, thanks to Wayne’s skills with tarps.
Here’s the frog we discovered as we were packing up. Steven wishes he had stayed undiscovered!