The fun activities of our three-day weekend started after work on Friday, with a graduation open house for Michelle and two of her good friends.  They actually attended three different high schools, but we definitely had fun celebrating together.  Thanks, Caroline and Ashleigh, for helping Michelle enjoy her senior year!
Saturday morning, after doing a bit of painting at home and sending Steven off to work, it was time for the ward Memorial Day Picnic.  First on the schedule was some softball.
Then some volleyball and football.
After yummy barbecued hamburgers, there was even a pie-eating contest or two.  Would you have participated?  Because I definitely had no desire at all!  These kids had fun though.  (Just so you know, the winner was the girl in the front right in the blue shirt.  And, yes, she did have blueberry pie filling all in her hair.  If you ever do participate in such an activity, be like the girl on the left and have someone put your hair up first!)
After time with our ward family, it was time to make progress on our “things to do in Palm Beach County” list.  We spent a few minutes reading the informational signs at the 20 Mile Bend Boat Ramp in Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.  (How’s that for a name?)  Our timing was perfect, as we were ready to leave when the rain started.
Monday Wayne was ready to enjoy his day off.  Unfortunately, this time it was Jeff’s turn to work.  (However, we’re thrilled that, unlike last year, the boys have jobs this summer.)  First up was hanging the new blinds, since the patching and painting was finally completed.  We’re blessed that Wayne considers this a fun hobby.

But then it was time for a more traditional fun hobby.  We went back to Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge, although the main entrance this time.  We’d already explored the Visitor’s Center and done some of the hikes (see here), but Wayne was excited to take the canoe trail.  So was Steven.  So, we rented a couple of canoes and were off!

It was a beautiful day!

Wouldn’t you agree?

 I was amazed at the number of flowers in bloom.  The White Water Lily was our favorite.

Maybe it was the result of all the rain we’ve had lately.

We didn’t see any alligators, which was fine with me, but there was one egret who seemed to be making the trip with us.

We were grateful that the afternoon storms waited until we were safely back at home!

And since there was still some time left in the day, Wayne was able to install the support for the next layer of  shelves in the pantry.  (Thank you, Michelle, for putting the final coat of paint on in the morning while we hung the blinds!)

Once again we had another wonderful day, with the perfect mix of chores and fun.  And we hope you had a great weekend as well!