This year we decided to celebrate New Year’s Day by going to the beach.  Fortunately we were able to convince the dad that we didn’t need to arrive in time for the sunrise.  It was a touch breezy and overcast, but delightfully warm.
Carlin Park in Jupiter was the next beach on the list, so that’s where we went.  And in order for it to be crossed off the list, Wayne had to actually go swimming, so he did.  The rest of us just enjoyed the water from a little distance.  (Some of us got our toes wet, but that’s about it.)
The plan was to have lunch at the Lazy Loggerhead Café on the premises, but it was closed for the holiday.

So, instead, we tried the chicken wings at the Buffalo Wild Wings which had recently opened near our house, something Jeff had wanted to do for a while.  (For the record, the food was average at best, and the service was pretty slow, but I didn’t have to cook or clean up, and we had a wonderful time together.)

I realize we’re a couple of weeks (okay, three) into the new year, but we still want to wish you a very Happy New Year’s!  Hope it’s a wonderful one.