Lost Mine Trail: Possibly the premier dayhike in the Chisos Mountains, this trail serves as an excellent introduction to the plants and animals of the High Chisos. A 4.8 mile round-trip, the trail begins at 5,600′ elevation and leads upward to a ridge separating Pine and Juniper canyons.
The Lost Mine Trail may have been a great introductory hike, but we saved it for near the end. And it was a gorgeous hike! Particularly at the top!!

But we finished that hike before lunch, which meant there was time for another one. As Wayne was hiking the Oak Spring Trail earlier with Steven, he noticed a spur to Rainbow Falls that wasn’t marked in any of the trail literature. So, we decided to go back, and check it out.

It was a pretty fall. It would have been prettier if there was more water flowing over it, but I was still amazed that there was any water in the desert!

The final day we decided we were up for another challenge, and so we took the South Rim Trail and came back via Boot Canyon. (See the rock formation that looks like an upside-down boot behind Michelle?) Although advertised as “best enjoyed as an overnight back-packing hike,” Wayne likes the challenge of doing things in one day. So we did. And had a great time.

Although there are plenty more trails to discover in Big Bend National Park, we were ready to save them for another time. For now we’ll just enjoy the memories we did make.
The memories of this vacation are spread across several posts. Here they are: