This is the eighth in a series of blogs I’m writing for Mommy’s Piggy Tales . Janna has provided a forum for members to write and share stories from their youth. It’s a great adventure! Feel free to join in here.

In sixth grade, my teacher was Miss Terrell at Holly Oak Elementary. It was fun being the oldest class in the school. I also loved my friends and schoolwork. However, at this time Mom and Dad decided that our house was just too small for eight children and we needed to move. We wanted to stay in our ward, though, so it took a lot of looking and house hunting. (This year we had Richard – back row left – staying with us as part of the Indian Placement Program. He was the same age as Tony – back row right. The picture was taken at my grandparent’s house at Thanksgiving.) I was really excited about moving, mainly because if the house was big enough I could have my own room. Finally we saw the house we wanted. It was in the same ward and school district and was in a beautiful neighborhood. Besides that, it was a new one and we were able to go and watch it being built. And I was able to have my own room. We moved into our new home around Easter vacation in 1974. I loved it because it was so much like a palace to my childlike imagination. The living room ceiling sloped from one story to two stores and had windows all the way up there. Then we had a gorgeous stairwell with a gallery overlooking the entry way. One of the neatest things about moving was that I didn’t have to do a report for school like everyone else in the class, because we changed schools. I only went to Evergreen Elementary School for two months, but it was a pretty good experience for me as I look back on it. It’s always hard being the “new kid” in school, especially when you can do everything that the other kids can’t. The new neighborhood was fun to explore, especially since there were only a few families in the housing tract. At first we didn’t have any fences, so we could go all over the place, running and playing and watching the construction. My mom saved pictures of a couple of my activities that year. The first was a Daddy-Daughter event for the Merrie Miss girls at church. Because my sister was also a Merrie Miss, she took Dad and I invited my grandfather. There’s the green dress I mentioned last time. And you can see the other sewing project below, in the picture of our little singing group. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the occasion was, but it looks like we sang a Primary song for something at church.