Sorry I’m late; I was out of the house all day yesterday, and a wireless laptop isn’t on our list of “things we own.” Anyway, last week I dug out the personal history I wrote when I was in college. I think I’ve matured a bit since then 🙂 However, I’m glad I wrote it then, because that makes this challenge a lot easier to complete, and I’m remembering lots of things I’d forgotten. But isn’t that the whole purpose for recording our youth? Now you can all remember too!

Because I was so young, I don’t remember much of my preschool years. I do know that my sister was born 13 months after me. What a tremendous blessing that’s been all my life! We lived in San Jose, California and I took frequent walks with my mom to the grocery store and donut shop. We also lived close to our cousins and had fun with them often.
When I was four, my baby brother was born. Dad started law school in Washington D.C. at the same time. He flew out there and got settled in an apartment, flew back home for the birth, and then returned to school. We didn’t join him for a couple of months, but when we did it was a memorable occasion. My sister and I had new white coats. Dad sent us corsages to wear. The baby rode in a bassinet attached to the seat in front of us on the plane. We had a great reunion, and must have been all settled before Christmas.“I loved Maryland. We went sightseeing to Mount Vernon and the Potomac River and other places. We lived in a little apartment with two bedrooms and a den. All of the kids were in the master bedroom and we had the neatest closet! It was a walk-in with a light in the middle and a shoe ledge all the way around. We had loads of fun playing in there.”
“Our apartment complex had a playground and swimming pool and I learned how to float there. During the winter when it snowed, we sledded down the hill in front of the apartment and built snowmen. It was really beautiful there. Mom really loved the dogwood trees that were all over the place.”
“It was in Maryland that I gave my first talk in Sunday School. I also learned how to read some words and then I started kindergarten. The school was really close, just a block away, but it was on a highway so I rode the bus. I remember missing the bus twice. Once was on the way home, so I just got off at the next stop, and had to walk a longer way through the apartment complex. The other time was in the morning. I think I was hysterical. Anyway, it was winter and the path was muddy so Dad carried me on his shoulders. That was a special experience for me.”

“My classroom was really neat. There were a lot of playthings inside because of the harsher winters. And every morning we went to the cafeteria for milk and graham crackers. When we were able to go outside we played “Red Rover” and “Red Light, Green Light.” I had a lot of friends but the only one I remember was Suzy Fox, and she was a friend at church, not school.”

“Our family had some fun times those two years. Louise and I gave Family Home Evening lessons sometimes and we made cassette tapes to send to our grandparents. We also went with Mom to the store and to do the laundry. At this time we were taught to make our beds and help around the house. This will always be invaluable information.”

“Dad finally graduated, and that was a special day. We all got our pictures taken with him, and Scott even got to wear his cap. Since we no longer had a good excuse to stay, we returned to our family in San Jose.”
Here are a few more memories from those years in Maryland:

  • Accepting the bishop’s challenge to live off our food storage for a month or so. I remember the wheat cans formed the supports for my dad’s bookshelves. Being a law student, he had a few books!
  • Scott being in charge of the keys! If he didn’t get to open the car or apartment door, he had a fit. Because he was only two, sometimes that took a while. I remember not liking waiting in the cold for that to happen. (And maybe he didn’t really throw fits, but it was definitely HIS job.)
  • Taking ballet lessons. Mom tried finding a new ballet school when we returned to California, but couldn’t, instead we started taking piano lessons. It turns out that was a very wise decision.
  • My very first hospital visit. I was born with a hemangioma (strawberry birthmark) on my stomach and the doctor’s suggested it be removed before I started school and was around other children so it wouldn’t accidently get injured. I stayed in the hospital overnight, got new coloring books and crayons, and a 2″ scar on my belly which my dad said would be a great incentive to dress modestly for the rest of my life.

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