There’s a reason we live in Florida, so why would we want to visit Michigan in the wintertime? This is why:

Wayne’s boss grew up near Detroit and gave him some recommendations as to things to do, and we figured it would be a good idea to take his advice. So, once we landed we headed straight to the Ford Museum of Innovation. We’d recommend it to others as well. While there we also took care of the second thing on our list – having a Coney Dog. One of the cafes in the museum was called The American Doghouse, so we stopped there first for lunch.

Our visit to that museum deserves its own post; you can find it over here.

However, once we had our fill of that museum (not really, you could spend a week there, but we didn’t have a week), we headed out on the icy roads to meet our baby granddaughter, stopping to check into our hotel first. (Okay, this sounds like we weren’t really anxious to meet Lynelle. We were, but we’re also practical people and sometimes logistics comes into play.)

There she is!

We were introduced to their friendly pet dinosaur. Unfortunately, it’s taken me a while to write this post and I can’t remember his name, nor can I remember the entire story, but I do know he likes to move around the apartment. This particular day he was hanging out near the stairs.

Lynelle’s other grandma was in town, and she volunteered to stay with the baby while the rest of us braved the cold and ice and went to dinner.

The special red, white & blue dessert was calling my name, but I should have chosen the milkshake instead.

Time for a story or two before we left for the night!

The next day we bundled up again and explored a bit of Ann Arbor. That included another Coney Dog for lunch and the Kelsey Museum of Archeology on campus. Isn’t it nice that unpleasant things can slide to the back of our memories? If I recall correctly, the temperatures never got above 20 degrees, and were mostly in the single digits, for the duration of our visit. I’m just grateful that although we saw snowflakes every single day, there wasn’t a blizzard, or even a heavy snowfall.




We returned to their apartment and waited for the rest of Nicala’s family to arrive and meet their new granddaughter/niece. There’s also a story to go with the pizza we ordered for dinner. We figured the delivery person would know their way around a college campus. We figured wrong. It took a long time to receive our food. However, we got a free pizza out of the mix-up, so all’s well that ends well.

Sunday was the special day. I hope her parents got a picture of the beautiful dress at home, but we met them at the church when Lynelle was already bundled up to keep warm. Besides, the dress isn’t that important. What’s important was priesthood power and family love. It was a beautiful day.


The next morning it was time to head home. I’ve never had the experiencing of de-icing a plane while I was in it, and I’m totally fine if that’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.



There’s our nice warm Florida, complete with a rainbow around the plane’s shadow!