One of the things I struggle with on a regular basis is trying to decide what to have for dinner.  I thought it might be a good idea to keep track this year.  Maybe it will give you ideas, but I sure hope it gives me ideas!  And since I also want to try new recipes, I’m hoping this will help me with that as well.

I’ve just scheduled a week’s worth of posts describing our Christmas vacation.  A big part of that was food (surprise!) and so I figured I’d start the week off with our dinner plan.  Remember, this is a “vacation” dinner plan, but those happen occasionally, and it would have been better for us if we had done this in advance, rather than at dinner-time each day.  Learn from our mistake!

Sunday – Christmas Day
(This one was planned in advance; tradition sure helps with planning!)
Standing Rib Roast
Potato Casserole
Green Peas, Salad, Rolls
Chocolate Layer Cake (from Costco)

Monday – leftovers

Tuesday – various soups and rolls (hosted by my cousin)

Wednesday – Chinese take-out

Thursday – tacos (hard and/or soft), black beans and rice, frozen corn, ice cream

Friday – ravioli (3 types), salad, garlic bread sticks and brownie sundaes (hosted by my sister-in-law)

Saturday – New Year’s Eve
Seven Layer Dip with tortilla chips and Shrimp Dip with crackers
(These are traditional “football” snacks, and I just realized they haven’t been posted on the recipe blog.  We’ll have to have them again so I can take pictures!)