Wayne spent all semester waiting for his helpers to come home to do some projects.  Fortunately he decided early what those projects were so they could be psychologically prepared.  First was to finish painting all the interior doors and replace the door knobs.  The downstairs was done over the summer, and the goal was to complete the upstairs before the new year.  Michelle’s been a great worker, even if she had to take off a couple of days to stay in bed with the flu, but now that chore can be crossed off the list!
Jeff’s job was to paint the back wall of the house.  First step was to “unpaint” it, or clean it using the pressure washer.   (Thank you YouTube for helping us remember how to unplug the pump to get it going again after months of non-use.)

 The second step was to prime everything.

The third and fourth steps were to roll on the paint.  Note to self:  Read the instructions on the can before starting, not when cleaning up.  We thought we were done after one coat, but this fancy “lifetime warranty” paint requires two coats.

Pressure washing made a huge mess of the windows (another note to self), so cleaning them got added to the list.  The inside doors were finished by then, so that job fell to Michelle.

Now the projects are completed, so the kids can really enjoy their break from school.

It’s kind of hard to tell, because it’s still the same color, but at least the back wall looks wonderful.  Next phase: one of the side walls.  Who wants to volunteer and when???