I had a more substantial Rudolph Day post prepared, but it got lost in cyberspace, and I don’t have time to recreate it this month. However, I do have another little post ready, and since it’s related to gift giving, it will work. Here you go!

Time to give a new craft fad a try! After looking at this link, and of course making my own adjustments, this is what I made. The idea was to take some scraps and make a quick prototype for a quiet book page, just to see if the technique really worked. It only took ten minutes (most of that time selecting the buttons and fabric) to learn that it does work as advertised.

This is just a little activity to keep toddlers occupied for a few minutes. Try to move a button from one corner to another.

Or, try moving them all to the center. (It’s difficult to see, but if you zoom in you might notice the stitching to make the maze pattern.) Do whatever you want! Just don’t try picking them up off the fabric, because that won’t work. And that’s the whole idea!!

You’ll notice I used buttons instead of marbles and tulle instead of fleece, because that’s the look I wanted. I’m sure the actual marble maze would work, and someday I just may make a few of those. There’s plenty of scrap fleece in the closet!