Friday Flashback

Freshman Choir
Last night’s event brought back memories of my own choir experiences when I was a freshman in high school. Here are the pictures from the yearbook

left side (I’m in the front row, second from the left. Our director, Mr. Ron Molina, is at the left end of the second row.)

right side

I must have been absent for this picture, but I definitely remember making the bright red dress! (Since the photo is black and white, I guess you’ll have to take my word for that. However, our school colors were red and white, and you can see our red uniforms from a later year in this post.) This was Camerata. It was an audition-only choir, so wasn’t supposed to have any freshmen. However, I moved just before school started and missed the normal registration. The guidance counselor must have forgotten that rule, because he placed me in the class. It was a surprise to them all when I showed up the first day, and a totally unnerving experience for me. However, for some reason, they let me stay, and I earned my spot legitimately the next three years! We had some wonderful experiences which will have to wait until later to be shared.