Memorable Monday Moments
One of the fun things about Monday holidays is that we get to turn Family Night into Family Day! The original plan was to have a picnic at Lettuce Lake Park on Saturday and go to the beach on Monday, but Hurricane Gustav didn’t cooperate. (Even though we were hundreds of miles from the eye of the storm with its heavy winds, we did have rain from the outer bands all day.) The beach will have to wait for another day, but we did have our picnic and walk the trails of the park. This is Lettuce Lake, an inlet of sorts of the Hillsborough River. It’s covered with plants that supposedly look like lettuce.
Since the nature trail came with a brochure, someone had to read the whole thing! And we did actually get a smile from our tag-alongs.
In addition to recording our outing to a new park, the family almanac now notes that Steven had his first freeway driving experience. He did a great job 🙂