Remember there’s a good reason to have kids; it’s so they can do all of the hard work for you. We’ve been taking full advantage of having a couple of unemployed college-age sons at home this summer. Last week they finished painting the daunting entry and stairwell.

While they were busy with that, Michelle prepped for Trek 2011 Round Two. (And she had a great time!)There was also some time last week before she left to make a little progress on her closet shelving. The supports and top shelf were installed.
Another project was replacing the mismatched front door knob, which meant repainting the door as well.Another several-day project was preparing the front yard for a new layer of mulch. That’s hard work in the heat! But it looks so much nicer now.
Finally we had time to start preparing for the next major project – fixing up and organizing the garage. First, everything had to be moved to one side and then Jeff pressure washed the floor. You already know that it got painted this week. Now we have to wait for it to cure so we can move everything and repeat the process on the other side. But that’s NEXT week’s project!Today we’re heading to the outlet mall to see how much success we’ll have in updating the wardrobes of these excellent workers in preparation for a new school year which is quickly approaching!