There was Mutual the evening of Graduation Day, so Michelle had to wait a bit for her graduation dinner.   I think it was worth the wait; you’ll have to ask her what she thinks.  She chose Jetty’s Restaurant and we all enjoyed delicious fish dinners last Friday.  (The poor boys had to eat leftovers at home, but I think they survived.)  It was a cloudy, rainy day, so the view wasn’t as great as we had hoped it would be, but it was still a delightful evening.  Congratulations once again!
Saturday was seminary graduation, and that was a great evening as well.  In this stake it starts with the seminary students getting together for scripture mastery games.  Then the families are invited to join them for dinner.  Finally, the actual graduation is held in the chapel.  Michelle was asked to sing a solo and she did a marvelous job with “Valiant Faith.”  There were only 8-10 seniors, so they were all asked to share their testimony of seminary as well.  I liked that.  And I like seminary.  What a wonderful, testimony-building opportunity, and we’re so grateful all of our children kept that family tradition alive.
Michelle and her accompanist Ashleigh

It’s just great to have some big brothers home for the summer!  Can’t you tell we’re having a lot of fun?

Celebrating with Caroline at Cold Stone after seminary graduation

We expect many more great things from you Sweet Princess, and we’re confident you’ll live up to our expectations.  Congratulations!!