Slowly, but surely, things are coming together for our Christmas celebration.  You’d think that after 10-12 years of mild Florida winters I’d be used to it, but it’s still difficult to feel “Christmas-y” when it’s a balmy, humid, 80° outside.  However, don’t get me wrong, I’m just fine not having to deal with cold and snow!  In addition, the work involved in decorating isn’t quite as much fun when you’re doing it alone, but that’s okay too.  At least I can do it totally MY way.  Hope the college students approve 🙂

Each year since our tree passed the 10-year warranty date, we say it’s time to replace it. This year we even went to the store and looked at our options.  However, despite the number of needles that needed to be swept up when the job was done, our old tree still looks beautiful.  Now it just needs some presents to go under it.

As far as the outside lights go, it’s not much, but it’s 100% more than last year, so we’re calling it good.

I had some handsome help with the second tree, and the job went much faster.
Isn’t it interesting how each house has it’s own personality.  We’re trying to decide if it’s overkill to have two trees within sight of each other.  (In our past houses they were totally separated.)  Come on over and give us your opinion!
Finally, we had our ward Christmas dinner.  Didn’t the set-up committee do an awesome job?  And they’re smart as well.  They decided to set up during seminary time, and we couldn’t not take advantage of the opportunity to have the youth help.  With everyone working together, it only took about 15 minutes to set the tables (which were already in place) and tie the bows on the chairs, and then we let the RS sisters do the centerpieces by themselves so they wouldn’t have to worry about over-eager help leading to broken vases.  That left plenty of time for a seminary lesson as well.
Later, the food was just as delicious as the setting was beautiful, and it was only topped by the portrayal of the nativity by the Primary kids.  No way could that be called a polished performance, but it captivated the audience who felt the Spirit.  And that’s what Christmas is all about.  Hope you’re having fun celebrating this month!