It’s the beginning of the end of the school year. I’ve often wondered why it lasts so long, but I guess it’s so you have a bit of time to breathe between each event. Anyone have any other ideas?
Anyway, we’re in the middle of AP exam week. That means I have to look at my calendar each day to see who goes to school for how long! (It reminds me of the Year of the Crazy Schedule. If I could do it for a whole year, I can definitely do it for two weeks, right?)

Last night the Mutual activity was the Senior Send-Off. I didn’t do a very good job of picture-taking (the only in-focus picture I got of Steven was right after he’d taken a bite of cookie) so I’m sorry about that. But it was a wonderful night and we enjoyed honoring our seniors. Refreshments were their favorite desserts. Steven’s favorite dessert is actually ice cream cake; however, we figured that would be too messy and melt too quickly, so we went with jello cake. We should have chosen his favorite “finger food” dessert! Maybe we’ll remember that for Michelle.

The Laurel in charge did a great job of putting together Steven’s slide show. I don’t have a copy of it but thought you still might enjoy seeing his pictures through the years. Here’s one version:and here are the same pictures shuffled around. I could probably hit “shuffle” a dozen times and still be unable to decide on a favorite. But there are other things on my to-do list so I’m exercising self-control 🙂
One thing I noticed as I watched them last night is that he’s grinning in practically every single one. We’re so glad to have such a happy personality (and someone who is kind and patient and smart and obedient and willing and on and on) in our family! We’ll miss him next fall.