This week’s study in “Come Follow Me” – with its verses discussing marriage – reminded me of a family home evening we had years ago. We had a similar discussion on the importance of marriage in general, and being married in the temple in particular, and then encouraged each of our children “to decide just once”** and commit to keeping that commandment. They did.

It may seem impractical to have a child make that decision before age three, but President Kimball’s quote states “from infancy” and this wasn’t the only lesson we had on marriage over the years. (In all honesty, the lesson was geared more to our older sons at ages 12 and 13, but there’s something to be said about making the commitment all together at one time.) I hope our grandchildren always remember that their dad (and aunt and uncles) made that decision at an early age, and they can, too. Even more importantly, I want them to remember that each of them kept that promise.

Helping your children make that decision early will bring great rewards in the future, both to you and to them.


** “We hope we can help our young men and young women to realize, even sooner than they do now, that they need to make certain decisions only once. I have mentioned at this pulpit before some determinations made early in my life, which decisions were such a help to me because I did not have to remake those decisions perpetually. We can push some things away from us once and have done with them! We can make a single decision about certain things that we will incorporate in our lives and then make them ours—without having to brood and re-decide a hundred times what it is we will do and what we will not do. . . . If you have not done so yet, decide to decide!” President Spencer W. Kimball