We all scream for Ice Cream! (Flashback Friday)

For some reason this morning I remembered something I hadn’t thought of in years — Thrifty ice cream cones. (Of course I didn’t remember that name, but a simple search for a picture of bubblegum ice cream brought it to mind.) What I did remember, though, was going with my sister to the drug store around the corner to buy an ice cream cone for 5 cents. If we felt like splurging, we could get a double scoop for 10 cents! As I recall, my favorite flavors were chocolate mint chip and rainbow sherbet, although not on the same cone. What a fun summer-time activity!

The bubblegum flavor, which was invented around 1970, is a different memory. I was introduced to that flavor (probably not at Baskin-Robbins, since theirs is pink and I remember blue ice cream) by my Aunt Cheri. I would carefully save all the bits of gum until the ice cream was gone, and then chew them. I still don’t like “chunks” in my ice cream – it’s supposed to slither down your throat.

I think maybe I remembered this because of the price contrast. This week we took the family for ice cream at $4 a scoop. For our anniversary dinner two weeks ago, I chose a beautifully sumptuous and luscious Peach Melba Sundae for dessert. The only problem was I was too full from dinner to really appreciate it – scoops of both peach and raspberry ice cream with fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce smothered with whipped cream and topped with a burnt sugar garnish. It was even worth the hefty price. I wish I had taken my camera to get a picture of it. But I did find a picture of what Wayne chose – Banana Cheese Cake. Mine was bigger and prettier.

So, there you have just a few “ice cream” memories. I could probably start a whole new blog on the topic. I think it just might be my favorite dessert!