Friday Flashback
National Park Series #20
Hot Springs – 2006Once again, time for more hiking. It’s easier when you can be plugged into your music!Part of the “hiking” included exploring the spas, which is why Hot Springs was built. It was actually a weird feeling to be hiking and camping in the middle of a town. And don’t forget the wonderful feeling of running out of water (because it was just supposed to be a short hike, yet it was very, very hot) and having to refill canteens at the water fountain in the visitor’s center.Then it rained,and rained some more.And we smiled to let Elder David know that we finished hiking all the hikes in this national park,before moving on to a nearby state park and getting on a boat for an hour or two.That wasn’t strenuous enough, so someone had to try eating two twinkies all at once,before packing up to drive home.