Happy Graduation Day!
At each of her brother’s graduations, we had daylight pictures before the ceremony and night-time pictures afterwards.  Just to keep things unique and different, this year it was opposite.  The graduates had to be at the fairgrounds before the sun came up!

The ceremony started at 8 AM, and this was pretty much our view, so we don’t have any pictures of Michelle walking in the processional.  

We also don’t have a picture of her sitting between two empty seats while the speakers were on the podium, which I thought would be pretty cool.  (Officially, she ranked 2nd in her class, but was ineligible to be named salutatorian due to lack of time in the county school system.  That just means she didn’t have to prepare a speech!)  Justin Martinez, the valedictorian, will be attending MIT and majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  That sounds just a bit familiar, doesn’t it? 
We won’t bore you with the reading of almost 700 names, but I was able to capture the most important 20 seconds on video.  (Sorry Justin’s name got cut off; it was hard to tell when they were ready to start and I didn’t want to record a lot of dead time.)
The predicted “100% chance of rain at 10 AM” came to pass.  Fortunately, we made it to the car in time.
We are now formally passing the torch for future high school graduations to the next generation!
 Congratulations, Michelle!!!