House and Holiday Plan – Week Thirteen – Entry

Week 13 Checklist

Here’s what’s on the To-Do list for this week:

  • Clean and declutter the front porch and entry.
  • Double-up on freezer friendly dishes.
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving!
  • Shop Black Friday specials.
  • Start decorating for Christmas.
  • Inspect and inventory decorations as you do so.
  • Send party invitations.
  • Arrange for babysitters.

It’s a good thing it doesn’t take much time to spruce up our front porch and entry, since we do our holiday traveling at Thanksgiving and won’t be home. The decorating will have to wait for next week as well. That’s okay, it will help us get into the holiday spirit!

We don’t even keep coats in our entry closet, but music and tablecloths and shoes. What unusual things have you stored in your closet?