House and Holiday Plan – Week Ten – Kitchen

Week 10 Checklist

Here’s what’s on the To-Do list this week:

  • Do a home preparedness safety check.
  • Declutter, clean and organize the kitchen.
  • Put away Halloween decorations and bring out the ones for Thanksgiving.
  • Organize holiday recipes.
  • Plan holiday meals and baking sessions.
  • Inventory holiday serving dishes and freezer and gift-giving containers.
  • Bake any fruitcakes which require mellowing.

Time to change clocks, check smoke detectors, stock up on cold remedies and review the household emergency plan!

Fortunately, we’re able to keep our kitchen pretty clean and organized on a regular basis. This is what greeted me Monday morning after a busy weekend. It didn’t take long to put things right. (You’ll notice that the pumpkins didn’t linger for months; I learned my lesson well, and now the freezer is stocked with pumpkin pureé once again.)

It was a good week to do our normal monthly kitchen chores which include:

  • polish the counters
  • shine the small appliances
  • sharpen the knives
  • clean the kitchen window
  • wipe out the “under the sink” cabinet
  • clean the wastebasket

Note that a while ago I started lining our kitchen wastebasket with a couple of paper towels. That little trick has lessened the frequency for actually having to clean it by a lot!

The holiday recipes are already organized, but I did put out a few Thanksgiving decorations.

Finally, I am NOT going to be baking any fruitcakes which require mellowing. Maybe some year I’ll recreate my grandmother’s plum pudding in honor of our English heritage, but it’s not going to be this year.